KPMG is pleased to announce its 2020 Autonomous Vehicles Readiness Index (AVRI). The third edition now ranks the preparedness of 30 countries and jurisdictions in the race for autonomous vehicles (AVs), with Belgium, Chile, Denmark, Italy and Taiwan appearing for the first time.

According to the new Index, national governments have proceeded with their efforts aimed at improving regulatory and investment environment to accelerate the next round of AV development and deployment around the world. We also observe more intense cooperation and partnership with automakers and tech companies.

Key enablers of AV development include safety, privacy, digital infrastructure, impact on transport systems and cross-border travel.


In 2020, Russia hits 26th place out of 30 (in 2019, Russia ranked 22nd among 25 countries).

Despite a strong interest in introducing autonomous technologies and expanding AV testing areas on the part of state sector and private businesses, Russia still lags behind other countries in terms of access to the latest technologies.

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Autonomous vehicles are on the road to ubiquity. Are you ready?

Download the 2020 report to learn more about:

  • Enabling the AV revolution: Overcoming challenges of privacy, digital infrastructure, transport systems, and cross-border travel.
  • National profiles: All 30 countries and jurisdictions are profiled, summarizing key initiatives by government and businesses, and drawing on the insights of local KPMG subject matter experts.
  • Cities to watch: A look at five hyperconnected cities and what they are doing to pave a future for AVs. 
  • Key takeaways: Key takeaways for governments and policy makers for putting AVs on the road to ubiquity. 

To learn more about the 2020 findings and insights discussed in this edition, or to discuss your organization's AV agenda and roadmap, please contact your local KPMG advisors or the contributors in this publication.

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