KPMG presents its third regular survey on compliance function development priorities in the CIS and Post-Soviet countries in 2020. As in 2018, the survey focuses on organization of the compliance function, its goals and objectives, resource issues, automation, and practical implementation of control procedures and compliance reporting.

Talking to our respondents, we sought not only to understand the current state of the compliance function, but also to identify the trends we will see in its development over the coming years.

As in previous surveys, this report pays much attention to the impact of business process automation on the compliance system operation. Compliance tech is becoming a separate area that requires new knowledge and skills from compliance specialists to understand and apply its capabilities.

Our respondents believe that for further development of the compliance function it is necessary, in addition to automation, to improve the professional competence and expertise of its employees, as well as to develop their communication skills to form the correct understanding of the role and responsibilities of the function within companies.

This report will be useful for understanding the current state and further development prospects of the compliance function at companies operating in the CIS and Post-Soviet countries, as well as for supporting compliance-related management decisions made by companies’ managers and owners.

The responses of respondents from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan are disclosed separately in the appendix to the survey.