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"Digitalisation: People and culture matter more than technology" ("Neft Rossii" magazine, issue 3-4, March-April 2018)

People and culture matter more than technology

Read about digitalisation in oil & gas.


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Today digitalisation is penetrating every sector of economy, and Russian oil & gas is no exception. However, it is not enough to simply replicate another company's best practice for an efficient digital transformation: without altering the corporate culture, the business is bound to lag behind technologically. “Digital maturity", i.e. the company's readiness to transform and ability to benefit from it, is determined by a number of factors: willingness to be collaborative, an agile approach, risk tolerance, retention and development of talent. Creating a digitalisation-friendly corporate culture will not only benefit the company economically, but may also become a survival factor in today's market, where technologically inferior companies run the risk of perishing.

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