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Far East: Support Mechanisms for Investors

Far East: Support Mechanisms for Investors

Report prepared by KPMG Far East Practice.

Olga Surikova

Head of KPMG Far East Practice

KPMG in Russia


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  • Brief overview of the business environment in the Far East and Russia
  • Free port of Vladivostok (FPV)
  • Advanced Special Economic Zones (ASEZs)
  • Procedure for obtaining ASEZ resident status
  • ASEZ industry specialisations
  • ASEZ and FPV customs regulations
  • Regional investment projects (RIP)
  • Project infrastructure support
  • Special investment contracts (SIC)
  • Procedure for signing a SIC
  • Comparison of special regimes in the Far East
  • Regional tax benefits in the Far East
  • The procedure for obtaining tax benefits
  • Aquatic bio-resources in exchange for investment
  • Far East Development Fund

The information is presented as of September 2017.

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