HR-budgets and plans for 2015

HR-budgets and plans for 2015

The survey results show, that in comparison with 2009 this year companies are optimising their personnel costs in more strategic ways and are firstly improving efficiency by analysing their business processes and reviewing their organisational structures, and only then considering headcount reductions.


Key findings


  • Companies are considering various scenarios and are ready and prepared to adjust their plans at a moment's notice. In general, the mood is quitepessimistic.
  • Companies, as last year, would prefer to increase staff efficiency in 2015.
  • Almost half of the companies are planning to reduce their headcount, but these reductions are not very significant (reductions of no more than 10%).
  • Besides headcount reductions, companies are also planning to review their business processes and organisational structures.
  • Although 51% of companies are planning to increase their salary budgets, planned and enacted salary increases ("indexations") are only around 6-10%, and most companies are not planning to compensate exchange rate fluctuations.
  • More than half of those surveyed (58%) are planning HR budget cuts, with two-thirds of them planning to cut their budget by up to 10% and one-third planning to cut their budget by more than 10%.

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