AutomotiveNow Magazine - In transition: The future of the supplier industry

AutomotiveNow Magazine - In transition: The futur...

KPMG’s new edition of the AutomotiveNow magazine presents current concepts and new ideas which demonstrate how the automotive suppliers are dealing with the impending upheavals in the automotive industry. This edition includes the following articles:


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  • In transition – Strong togetherWithout cooperative ventures, suppliers will not be able to handle the impending upheavals in the automotive industry, which is what really matters if the transformation is to be successful.
  • Global perspectiveRepresentatives of Hella, Bridgestone and Cummins talk about the strategies with which they intend to overcome the pressures of innovation and globalization.
  • Mexico – Boom in the backyardAlmost unnoticed, Mexico has risen to be the world’s fourth biggest car exporter. This has been made possible as a result of well trained staff and export-friendly free-trade agreements, but now what is missing are trained technicians.
  • New rulesInnovations are crucial to brand identity, especially in the premium segment. What are the approaches taken by the industry to try to cope with ever-shorter innovation cycles?
  • A question of structuringThe tax-related consequences implied by new sales methods such as car-sharing, the Internet or fleet sales.
  • Charged upResearch in the field of e-mobility requires a lot of capital. Only the most financially resilient suppliers will survive in the market.
  • What remains of the dayMehmet Balaban talks about the daily struggle for customers and the astronomic prices paid for taxi licenses in the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul.

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