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Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Our team is dedicated to assist businesses operating in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare sectors.

We assist businesses in Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals sectors

Healthcare and pharmaceuticals are rapidly developing and innovative sectors, with positive growth prospects in Russia and the CIS. At the same time, the vast potential of the sectors sets various challenges for market players, inter alia driven by structural changes in the healthcare systems of CIS states and frequent amendments to legislation. A complex and proactive approach is required to overcome such challenges, including due consideration of each issue confronting business in the rapidly changing economic environment.

We bring value to our clients, from small-cap companies to multinationals, by providing turnkey solutions that contribute to organic business growth and enable them to deal with market turbulence.

Leveraging in-depth industry experience, insight and sophisticated technical skills, our professionals offer a wide range of services and capabilities tailored to your needs in different areas.