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Alexander Tokarev

Alexander Tokarev

Partner, Tax & Legal, International Tax

KPMG in the CIS

Alexander has been working with KPMG in Moscow since 2003. He has considerable advisory experience in taxation. Among hid clients are both Russian and foreign companies operating in various sectors of the economy.

Alexander's main areas of expertise are:

  • tax risks' assessment related to “Deoffshorization” legislation in the course of tax review / audits of the Russian and foreign groups
  • diagnostics of the holding, financial, licensing and other structures in view of risks associated with “Deoffshorization” legislation and preparation of recommendations on risks minimization
  • development of holding, financial, trading and licensing structures considering recent trends in Russian and international legislation
  • tax structuring of deals and investments projects, including joint venture structuring
  • tax consulting projects on various Russian and international tax issues

Alexander is actively involved in preparing internal and external KPMG publications for clients, in particular related to the latest “Deoffshorization” legislation, global initiative of the Group 20/OECD in sphere of BEPS, etc.

Alexander also takes part in internal and external conferences on behalf of KPMG, covering international tax issues.


In the Media


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Comments for Izvestia on the implications of Brexit for holdings structuring their business through the UK.

Comments for VTimes on tightening the conditions for obtaining tax benefits under the DTAAs with countries that have joined the MLI.

Comments for Vedomosti on the principal purpose test under MLI.

An article for Forbes on how to adapt a business to the new tax realities after the entry into force of the protocol to the DTAA with Cyprus.

Comments for Izvestia on MLI rules to be applied to the DTAA between Russia and Luxembourg from 1 January 2021.


An article for Forbes on the consequences of a break in tax agreements between Russia and the Netherlands.

An article for Forbes Kazakhstan on changes to the tax legislation of Kazakhstan related to non-residents' income.

Comments for Kommersant on the contents of the Double Taxation Treaty with the Netherlands.

Comments for Vedomosti on corporate tax reforms in Switzerland.

Comments for Izvestia on DTAA with the Netherlands.

An article for Forbes Kazakhstan on how the EU Directive DAC6 will affect businesses in Kazakhstan.

Comments for International Tax Review on opportunities the new tax agreement with Cyprus gives to the business.

Comments for Kommersant and Vedomosti on amendments to the DTAA with Cyprus.

Comments for Izvestia on the new DTAA with Cyprus.

Comments for Izvestia on whether major holdings are considering a change of jurisdiction in connection with the re-agreement of DTAA at Russia's initiative.

Comments for Forbes on the specifics of the tax agreement with the Netherlands.

Comments for Kommersant and RBC on the revising of the tax agreement with Cyprus.

Comments for Vedomosti on the specifics of DTAA conditions between Russia and other countries vis-à-vis the payment of dividends and interest.

An article for Forbes on steps Russian businesses need to take after the revocation of the double taxation agreement with Cyprus.

Comments for KommersantVedomostiRBCand on the revocation of the double taxation agreement with Cyprus.

Comments for RBCIzvestiaKommersant.ruand on renegotiating the double taxation agreement with the Netherlands.

Comments for Business FM on revising double taxation agreement rates with Malta and Luxembourg.

Comments for on dividend payment schemes for offshore companies.

Comments for International Banking Operations magazine on back-to-back financing for banks.

Comments for Vedomosti on a planned sharp reduction in profits tax for Russian IT companies.

Comments for RBC on the specifics of the double taxation avoidance agreement with Malta and the action plan for companies in case of its termination.

Comments for Vedomosti on the potential consequences of terminating the tax agreement with Malta.

Comments for Vedomosti on the introduction of a fixed payment of RUB5 million when paying tax on CFCs.

Comments for Vedomosti on the potential consequences of ending the tax agreement with Cyprus.

An article for Forbes on making it harder for businesses to access existing mechanisms for paying dividends abroad with a reduced tax rate.

Comments for RBC Pro on the approaching deadline for reporting on compliance with the economic substance condition by offshore structures' owners.

Comments for Vedomosti on the businesses' reaction to the tax increase on dividends transferred abroad.

Comments for Forbes on amending double taxation agreements with low-tax jurisdictions.

Comments for RBC on amending double taxation avoidance agreements with Cyprus.

Comments for Izvestia on the Cyprus's position regarding the amendment of double taxation avoidance agreements with Russia.

Comments for Law 360 on a proposed tax increase on dividends transferred abroad and the need to amend double taxation avoidance agreements with some countries.

Comments for RBC on countries that can be impacted by a reorganisation of tax on transferred dividends.

Comments for RBC on countries that can be impacted by Russia's initiative to apply a simplified limitation on benefits (S-LOB).

Comments for Vedomosti on a greater tax burden on dividends transferred abroad.

An article for on implementing the beneficial ownership concept in Kazakhstan.

An article for Forbes Kazakhstan on the ratification of tax convention between Cyprus and Kazakhstan.


Comments for Vedomosti on new aggressive tax planning disclosure rules that will come into force in the EU in summer 2020.

Comments for RBC on postponing the start date of MLI applications.

Comments for RBC on the automatic exchange of information on profits and possessions of companies and individuals within the CIS. 

Comments for Kommersant FM on the possibility of resuming the automatic exchange of tax information with Russia. 

An article for International Tax Review on the ratification of the multilateral BEPS instrument.


Comments for RBC on the main driver behind a third wave of capital amnesty.

Comments for Kommersant FM on more stringent requirements for tax residents in offshore zones.

An article for on extending the tax amnesty in Russia.

Areas of expertise
Corporate Tax Global Location and Expansion Services International Tax Restructuring Services Tax Tax Compliance Tax Structuring Value Chain Management
Education and qualifications
  • Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics, Taxes and Taxation, honours degree

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