Sergey Rozhenko

Sergey Rozhenko

Associate Director, Deal Advisory, Valuations

KPMG in the CIS

Sergey has been working for KPMG since 2018 and is managing analytics department in power sector. Sergey has more than 15 years of work experience in energy companies and consulting in the Russian Federation, Germany and the CIS countries. Among his clients are Russian and foreign companies, as well as national power market regulators and international financial institutions. Sergey’s work experience includes:

  • Diagnostic assessment of processing facilities and regulatory framework of electric power industry in different countries.
  • Analysis of power system adequacy and security, assessment of possibility to integrate renewable energy facilities into power systems.
  • Development of industry programs for reconstruction and development of power sector, including reconstruction and development after major system blackouts and during reformation and transition to competitive market and decarbonization.
  • Due-diligence studies as well as technical and commercial due diligence of thermal and renewable generation construction.
  • Procurement management for power generation construction and operation.
  • WEPCM/REPM price modeling, long-term price forecasting, international pricing benchmarking in electric power industry.
  • Analytical studies on energy market regulation, tariff regulation and cross-subsidization.

Sergey actively participates in preparation of internal and external KPMG publications for clients devoted to (including) Russian energy market development.  He also participates in internal and external conferences on behalf of KPMG, focusing on issues related to global and national challenges and development trends in power industry. 


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