Владислав Павперов

Vladislav Pavperov

Senior Manager, Emerging technologies, Risk Consulting

KPMG in the CIS

Vladislav has over eighteen years of experience (with more than five years in oil and gas industry) in risk management and implementation of internal control, economic and information security, anti-fraud management, IT/InfoSec audit and InfoSec systems in oil&gas, telecom, energy and iron and steel industries.

His project experience includes:


Planning, management and control of changes in reference solutions (SAP/Directum) in Downstream.
Formalization of Downstream position in corporate business and IT programs.

Fraud investigations and anti-fraud

- Automation of anti-fraud systems, development and introduction of automated control procedures and anti-fraud systems in oil & gas and metallurgy companies;

- Development, implementation, monitoring and efficiency analysis of internal control and compliance system in refinery, commerce and logistics;

- Development and introduction of organizational and technical measures, and analytical tools to prevent and identify risks of damaging assets in the course of production and business processes in refinery, commerce and logistics;

- Investigation of fraud, coordination of regional security offices’ activities in assessing the risks of abuse, corruption, fraud and theft of hydrocarbons and oil products.

InfoSec projects

Conducting audits, developing and implementing InfoSec management systems in accordance with ISO 2700x and COBIT, assessing the security of IT and product automation systems, designing and implementing InfoSec systems in financial companies, state authorities, oil & gas, metallurgy, energy and aviation industries.

In the Media

Comments for Vedomosti on the outlook for developing navigation apps. 

Areas of expertise
Innovation Mega trends Risk Management Tech Innovation
Education and qualifications
  • Moscow State Institute of Electronic Technology – Technical University

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