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Donat Podnyek

Donat Podnyek

Partner, Tax & Legal, People Services

KPMG in the CIS

Donat has been working with KPMG in Moscow since 1999 and has more than 12 years of advisory experience in taxation. He is responsible for providing tax advice to local and multinational companies operating in different industries and to individuals. Donat specializes in structuring assignments of multinational companies' employees to Russia and abroad, including cross-border tax planning, implementing local/adjustment of global stock based incentive plans for various levels of employees in Russia, restructuring remuneration and employment arrangements, taxing individuals and their family members in Russia and abroad and structuring the sale of individuals’ businesses. Donat also has extensive experience in personal tax, labor and payroll compliance.

In the Media


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Comments for on the taxation of deposits.

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Comments for Izvestia on the US exit tax.


Comments for Forbes on the introduction of a progressive tax scale.

Comments for Russia 24 on demand for resident permits in Russia in exchange for investments.

Comments for Izvestia on granting permanent residency in Russia in exchange for investments.

Comments for Kommersant FM on the economic effects of introducing a progressive PIT scale.

Comments for Rossiyskaya Gazeta on who may be interested in an opportunity to pay income tax in the form of profit from CFCs in a fixed amount.

Comments for RBC on the feasibility of increasing VAT for wealthy Russians.

Comments for Forbes on the closure of the Gold Passports programme in Cyprus.

Comments for Russia 24 and Kommersant on the introduction of a progressive tax system.

Comments for ForbesVTimes, and Izvestia on the closure of the Gold Passports programme in Cyprus.

Comments for Kommersant on a new tax regime for CFC owners.

Comments for Vedomosti on the practice of applying a lump-sum tax in Europe.

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Comments for Russia 24 on the introduction of a progressive taxation scale in Russia.

Comments for Forbes on the introduction of a progressive income tax scale.

Comments for RBC on the progressive income tax methodology that considers the income of a family rather than a single taxpayer.

Comments for Izvestia on a possible introduction of a progressive income tax scale.

Comments for Vedomosti on the taxation of individuals in the US.

Comments​ for ​Forbes on the exit tax paid by ​individuals​ renouncing their ​US citizenship

Comments for Kommersant on the amendments to the double taxation agreement between Russia and Switzerland.

Comments for Rossiyskaya Gazeta on the interest towards the first wave of capital amnesty.

Comments for RBC on the likelihood of automatic exchanges of tax information with the Isle of Man, Guernsey, and Jersey in 2020.


An article for Forbes on new opportunities for exchanging operations opened up by AEOI.

Comments for Izvestia on currency regulation in Russia.

Comments for RBC on the up-to-date list of grounds for crediting funds to foreign accounts.

Comments for Vedomosti on a Ministry of Finance proposal to reduce the income tax rate for non-residents from 30 to 13%.

Comments for Parlamentsky Chas TV-programme on the third stage of capital amnesty.

Comments for on potential ways to raise tax awareness among Russian taxpayers. 


Comments for RBC on assessing the tax burden on wage funds.

Comments for RBC on the impact of sanctions on Private Banking.

Comments for on the initiatives regarding increased currency controls.

Comments for Vedomosti on a draft law proposing the tax regulation of business-angel-related activities.

Comments for on the reasons behind the outflow of private capital from Russia.


Comments for Vedomosti about the taxation of cryptocurrencies.

Comments for Russia 24 about individual taxes.

Areas of expertise
Employment Compensation, Benefits and Employment Tax Employment Tax Advisory Equity Compensation Global Mobility Services Tax Management Consulting Tax Services to Individuals
Education and qualifications
  • Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), Accounting and Audit

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