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Mikhail Orlov

Partner, Head of Tax and Legal

KPMG in Russia

Mikhail is a Chairman of the Tax and Customs Law Expert Council of the Russian State Duma and a Public Tax Ombudsman under RF Presidential Commissioner for the Entrepreneurs' Rights, drafts legislation. Prior to joining KPMG, Mikhail participated in reforming Russian economics legislation, acted as Head of the Taxation Policy Department with the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, was a Partner at a well-known Law Firm. Mikhail has 23 years of legal experience in: supporting clients in tax related disputes, conducting cases in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction and consulting on different tax issues.

In the Media


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Comments for NTV on a value-added tax rate increase to 20% from 18%.

Comments for Vedomosti on draft amendments to the Russian Tax Code that will provide Russian IT-exporters with an opportunity to obtain tax exemptions.

Comments for RBC on the publication from 1 August 2018 of data previously considered to be tax secrets.

Comments for Agroinvestor on a draft law that proposes to raise VAT from 18 to 20 per cent starting from next year.

Comments for on Russian Tax Code amendments that would give the tax authorities access to private audit information.

Comments for RBC on the way law enforcement is increasing punishments for tax violations on the part of contractors, and how corresponding court decisions are affecting the number of fly-by-night companies.

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Comments for Vedomosti on how draft tax amendments prepared by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, and the Government Expert Council could affect the implementation of companies' business strategies.

Comments for Vedomosti on draft law suggesting to cut down tax expenses of companies and their investors in case of company winding-up or withdrawing from it.

An interview for RBC TV on the special features of oil industry development in Russia.

An interview for Kommersant FM on a new project by Russian lawmakers to create two territories in Russia with offshore features – on Oktyabrsky Island in Kaliningrad and on the Far Eastern island of Russky.

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Comments for Kommersant FM about property tax reimbursements.

An interview for RBC TV about currency residence.

Comments for RBC+ about tax consulting.

An interview for RBC TV on offshores.

Comments for Kommersant FM on tax reforms.

Areas of expertise

Energy and Natural Resources Government and Public Sector Industrial Manufacturing Local or Municipal Government National or Federal Government Regional or State Governments Transport and Logistics
Mikhail Orlov

Education and qualifications

  • PhD in Law, Moscow State Law Academy

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