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Anton Oussov

Anton Oussov

Partner, Global Oil and Gas Leader; Head of Audit

KPMG in the CIS

Anton has 20 years’ experience in auditing companies in the Russian oil and gas and related industries. He has been a partner at KPMG in Russia since 2007. Anton is responsible for audit and relations with companies listed on international and Russian stock exchanges and reporting under various accounting standards (Russian GAAP, IFRS and US GAAP). In 2010, Anton was included in the rating of the 33 most successful businessmen in Russia under the age of 33 by the Finance magazine. In 2011, Anton was included in the rating of the 50 best audit leaders in Russia by the Career magazine. Anton regularly publishes articles on IFRS and US GAAP in various publications, holds his column on oil and gas in Neft Rossii magazine. He also actively cooperates with leading Russian universities. In 2017 Anton was appointed KPMG global head of Oil & Gas practice.

In the Media


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Comments for 1TVREN TVNTVTASSand on the revocation of the tax agreement with Cyprus.

Comments for Kommersant on the volume of gasoline shipments from Belarus in the event of the lifting of a moratorium on foreign shipments of fuel in Russia.

Comments for Russia 24 on the consequences of new sanctions against Nord Stream 2.

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Comments for Rossiyskaya Gazeta on transferring motor fuel excise payments to petrol stations.

Comments for Business FM on the recovery of oil prices.

Comments for Rossiyskaya Gazeta on the viability of increasing the oil & gas supply to Asia-Pacific countries, where demand is expected to recover faster.

Comments for Rossiyskaya Gazeta on the likelihood of new sanctions that may affect the Nord Stream 2 completion time.

Comments for Russia 24 on what led to an increase in oil prices.

Comments for Rossiyskaya Gazeta on the feasibility of increasing the oil storage volumes in Russia to 700-800 million barrels.

Comments for Vedomosti on the intention of oil and gas companies to reduce investment programmes by 20-30% per year in order to balance cash flow.

Comments for Rossiyskaya Gazeta on the oil quotations' stabilisation factors.

Comments for Rossiyskaya Gazeta on selling oil on a take-or-pay basis.

Comments for Vedomosti on OPEC+ finalising an unprecedented production cut of 10 million barrels a day.

Comments for Kommersant on whether the OPEC+ agreement will lead to the establishment of fair price in a short-term perspective.

Comments for Rossiyskaya gazeta on how the issue of the excessive supply of oil will change if major oil consumers fill up their strategic petroleum reserves.

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Comments for Rossiya 24 on the most effective way of restoring growth to the oil market.

Comments for Business FM on whether it is possible to withdraw Russian oil from the market with a global overabundance of fuel.

Comments for Rossiyskaya Gazeta on a potential reduction in exploration works in new oil-extraction regions in Eastern Siberia and the Arctic.

Comments for Business FM on oil pricing for Belarus.

Comments for BBC Russia on the correlation between commodity prices in importing countries and personal incomes and producers' expenses.

Comments for Rossiyskaya Gazeta on the most effective measures to raise oil prices.

Comments for Kommersant on how the situation on oil markets will affect the operation of a number of oil deposits and Russian oil deliveries.

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Comments for Kommersant on the collapse of talks between OPEC+ members.

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Comments for Vedomosti on the impact of global oil & gas trends on Russian companies.

Comments for Rossiyskaya Gazeta on regions that will be most affected by a long-term decline in oil prices​.

Comments for Vedomosti on whether Russia will agree to make a significant cut in oil production as proposed by the OPEC+ following the spread of COVID-19. ​

Comments for Rossiyskaya Gazeta on a reduction in export fuel prices.

Comments for Rossiyskaya Gazeta on extending benefits to traders vis-à-vis the payment of import duties.

Comments for Rossiyskaya Gazeta on the impact of novel coronavirus on the oil market.

Comments for Vedomosti on possible decrease in oil production until the situation on the Chinese market stabilises.

An interview for RBC-TV on how environmental agenda will affect oil & gas industry.

Comments for Kommersant on whether the situation with the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) can have an impact on the OPEC+ agreement and oil demand.

Comments for Vedomosti on the likelihood of Belarus refusing Russian oil in favour of feedstock from other countries.

Comments for Rossiyskaya Gazeta on extending benefits to traders vis-à-vis the payment of import duties.

Comments for Business FM on the likelihood of a deal on oil deliveries between Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Comments for Kommersant on the plans of the Belarusian section of the Druzhba oil pipeline to conduct monthly repair works, with partial oil delivery shutdowns.


An article for Kommersant Supplement on how ecological trends are changing the fuel and energy complex.

Comments for Rossiyskaya Gazeta on the issue of procuring under conditions of sanctions ships to lay the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline.

Comments for Rossiyskaya Gazeta on possible effects of postponing gas-transit negotiations between Russia and Ukraine.

Comments for Kommersant Supplement on projected oil price dynamics in the medium term.

Comments for Rossiyskaya Gazeta on an acceptable target price for a barrel of oil for Saudi Arabia. 

Comments for Kommersant on an OPEC+ decision to cut oil production.

Comments for Rossiyskaya Gazeta on the interconnection of incentives and companies' investments activity in oil & gas.

Comments for Business FM on a 10-year oil transit agreement signed between Russia and Ukraine.

Comments for Rossiyskaya Gazeta on the outlook for Russian oil blends to be included in the calculation of the Brent price benchmark.

Comments for Rossiyskaya Gazeta on the possibility of excluding gas condensate from Russian oil extraction statistics in order to meet the OPEC+ quota. 

Comments for Russia 24 on investor interest in Saudi Aramco due to the company's high dividend policy.

Comments for Kommersant on the potential effects of easing the prohibition on using fuels containing in excess of 0.5% sulphur.

Comments for Russia 24 on the price range set by Saudi Aramco for its upcoming listing.

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Comments for Kommersant on a projected mid-term rise in oil production.

Comments for RBC-TV on the effectiveness of the OPEC production agreement. 

Comments for Kommersant on an idea to create liquidation funds for subsoil users. 

Comments for Business FM on how the Saudi oil attacks will affect oil markets. 

An interview for RBC-TV on the damage to Saudi Arabia's oil infrastructure caused by a drone attack, and its consequences for the market.

Comments for Russia 24 on the execution of an OPEC agreement in August.

Comments for Business FM on the effect a lower-than-budgeted drop in oil prices will have on the Russian economy. 

Comments for Russia 24 on the current situation in the shale oil market.

Comments for RBC-TV on a proposal to adjust the damper mechanism.

Comments for Kommersant on whether geological sector needs state intervention.

Comments for RBC on a potential extension of agreements to stabilise the Russian fuel market.

Comments for Kommersant FM on Russian oil market pricing.

An interview for RBC-TV on how petrol prices will change upon the expiry of agreements to stabilise the Russian fuel market. 

An interview for RBC-TV on fuel prices.

Comments for on investments oil and gas companies are making in modern technologies.


Comments for Vedomosti on a new directive to have state companies undergo a phased transition to Russian software.

Comments from for Kommersant on OPEC's agreement to limit oil output.

Comments from for Kommersant on the outlook for developing the Sudanese shelf.

An interview for Russia 24 on projected oil price dynamics.

Comments for Kommersant on the share of independent filling stations on the Russian market.

Comments for RBC on projected oil prices.

An article by for Kommersant – Prilozhenie on pricing in the oil market.

Comments for Vedomosti on a new approach to dividend payments by infrastructure companies.

Comments for Kommersant on the reason behind the increase in oil prices.

Comments for Oil and Capital on the potential consequences of increasing MRET rates as part of the tax manoeuvre.

Comments for Oil and Capital on the government's decision to raise excise duties on petrol and diesel fuel.

Comments for Oil and Capital on state initiatives to combat fuels price increase.

Comments for Kommersant on Russian oil and gas companies’ investments in the exploration and extraction of oil.

An interview for RBC TV on hedge fund rates for rising oil prices.

An interview for RBC TV on the possible consequences of the new sanctions imposed on Russian oil & gas sector.

Comments for Russia 24 on the share of foreign software in Russian oil & gas firms.

Comments for Delovaya Tribuna on taxation in oil & gas.

Comments for on building Nord Stream 2.


An interview for the TV channel RBC TV on oil supplies to Belorussia.

Comments for Vedomosti on remuneration systems in oil and gas companies.

Comments for RBC TV  on reducing oil production.

Comments for the television channel Russia 24 about Iranian oil.

Comments for RBC-TV about finding a balance in the oil market.

Comments for the television channel Russia 24 on the gas conflict between Russia and Belarus.

Comments for on the profitability of petrol stations.

Interview for RBC TV about changes in the oil & gas industry as a result of the elections in Iran.

Interview for Vedomosti on the transfer of assets to the state.

Comments for on the planned IPO of Aramco.

Interview for RBC TV on the oil & gas agenda in Qatar.

Comments for Kommersant FM about the new approach to collecting dividends from state organisations.

Comments for Rossiiskaia Gazeta about petrol prices.

Comments for Kommersant FM about the impact of US sanctions on gas exports from Russia to Europe.

Comments for RBC TV about Saudi Arabia's intention to raise the oil price.

Comments for Kommersant about the first oil well on the Ayashsky block of the Sakhalin shelf.

Comments for Rossiiskaia gazeta about the launch of tax on added income.

Areas of expertise
Audit Energy and Natural Resources Oil and Gas Oilfield Services
Education and qualifications
  • Ph.D. in Social Science, Lomonosov Moscow State University

  • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

  • RSA (Russia)

  • Expert Council on Banking and Audit Legislation under the State Duma Committee on Financial Market

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