Irina Narysheva

Irina Narysheva

Partner, Head of KPMG Law

KPMG in the CIS

Irina Narysheva joined KPMG practice in 2003. Before KPMG she worked 5 years in international law firm CMS.

Irina is engaged in various projects including M&A transaction support, business restructuring, setting up corporate management structures for large groups of companies and joint ventures, legal support of investment projects.

Irina represented clients' interests in courts of arbitration of the Russian Federation in relation to corporate disputes, real estate title disputes, invalidation of transactions, disputes related to power abuse by corporate management.

Irina is a member of Governmental Expert group for development of legislation in the area of corporate, administrative and bankruptcy law formed by the Ministry of Economics. 

Examples of Irina’s work experience include:

  • Development of a legal concept and documentation to create a single corporate management center for foreign upstream assets in over 20 jurisdictions for one of the Russia’s leading oil and gas companies with due account of specific aspects of agreements and licenses for the exploration and production of mineral resources in various jurisdictions.
  • Transaction for the acquisition of a 50% equity share and structuring of a shareholders agreement using the “earn-out” mechanisms for the Europe’s largest energy company as part of a phased acquisition of power generating assets in Russia.
  • Support of over 100 projects for large state-owned and private companies in legal due diligence of acquired assets, and M&A transaction support.
  • Structuring a number of projects related to the construction of large facilities, comprehensive development of territory including the development of a legal structure of relations between the parties, and legal project documentation.
  • Legal support of international corporate restructuring for a number of major companies.
  • Development of legislative concept for introduction of JOAs and risk operators agreements in Russian subsoil laws based on international experience.
  • Advising leading Russian oil & gas companies with respect to legislative interpretation and approach to assignment of subsoil use licenses hugely impacting tax treatment of respective operations to form a legal position for negotiation with federal ministries.


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Areas of expertise
Energy and Natural Resources Legal Services Mergers and acquisitions Tax Transactions
Education and qualifications
  • Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Law, honours degree

  • Member of the Expert Council on Improving Corporate Legislation, Bankruptcy Legislation, Valuation Activities and Special Administrative Regions under the Government Commission for Economic Development and Integration

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