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Nikolai Legkodimov

Partner, Head of Technology & Risk, Risk Consulting

KPMG in Russia and the CIS

Nikolay joined KPMG from the oil & gas sector, where he held various senior positions in IT, project management, business process optimisation and engineering for major Russian oil & gas companies. Prior to that, he worked for the New York and Moscow offices of KPMG, advising finance and oil & gas clients on IT security and corporate fraud prevention issues. Now, Nikolay is the head of KPMG’s Emerging Technologies Group that offers finance and commodity clients various solutions related to the corporate distributed register (blockchain), AI and ML, IIoT, advanced Big Data analysis methods, technology brokerage, startup and technology scouting, as well as the development of digitization strategies.

In the Media


Comments for Vedomosti on the advantages of using drones in the metals industry. 

An interview for RBC-TV on import substitution for the Russian IT equipment market.

Comments for Vedomosti on how Big Data can be used by large companies and state bodies. 

Comments for Kommersant Supplement on the main challenges in regulating Big Data.

Comments for Vedomosti on how users' attitudes about sharing personal data could change over time. 

Comments for RBC TV on passive digital footprint.

Comments for Vedomosti on implementing quantum key distribution systems in rail transportation.

Comments for RBC on digital solutions used by banks for mortgaged asset sales. 

An article for Vedomosti on the way technological advancement is altering the perception of privacy.

Comments for Vedomosti on the risks associated with transitioning to electronic passports.

Comments for Vedomosti on the usage of voice-enabled digital assistants in banking.

Comment for Kommersant on the critical factors impacting the outlook and commercial success of Russian operating systems and devices.  

Comment for Kommersant on the market of VR/AR industrial solutions. 

Comments for Vedomosti on the idea of creating a national AI development strategy.

Comments for Kommersant on the list of companies to develop digital technologies as part of the Digital Economy national strategy.

Comments for Kommersant Supplement on regulating Big Data. 

Comments for Vedomosti on the development level of communications infrastructure in Russia.

Comments for Vedomosti on transport and logistics as an area for developing internet-related technological companies.

Comments for Kommersant on the outlook for Russian quantum technologies.   

Comments for the Kommersant supplement on the national Digital Economy programme.

Comments for Vedomosti on developing a neural network to identify vehicle types, makes, and models.

Comments for RBC-TV on the effect digitalisation will have on notarial services.

Interview for Oil & Capital on digital innovations in Russian oil and gas.


Comments for Vedomosti on the concept of a citizen's digital profile platform.

Comments for Izvestia on developing a neural network to identify vehicle types, makes, and models.

Comments for Vedomosti on a switchover to electronic document management in business.

Comments for RBC on palm vein authentication technology for customer identification.

Comments for RBC on operational principles and relevance of services for instant money transfer between legal bodies.

Comments for Vedomosti on the advantages offered by ePassport.

Comments for on the importance of the digitalising Russian fuel and energy complex.

Comments for Vedomosti on fraud cases involving cryptocurrencies.

Comments for Kommersant on the final version of the Digital Economy national programme.

Comments for Kommersant on the benefits of autonomous gas stations.

Comments for on RPA solutions in Russia.

Comments for CRN/RE on the total number of RPA license implementations by the end of 2017.

Comments for NTV on the potential for doing business with Saudi Arabia.

Comments for Kommersant FM on the algorithm of an application that recreates context.

Comments for Vedomosti on draft amendments to the Civil Code on cryptocurrency market regulations.

Comments for TASS on the use of digital twins by leading Russian companies of the real sector of economy.

Comments for Invest Foresight on a new development by a Latvian company – a drone designed to clean wind turbine blades.

Comments for on the establishment of free economic zones for high-tech start-ups in Armenia as part of a partnership between KPMG and ICONIC.

Comments for on cryptocurrency mining at work.

Comments for on the fall in value of bitcoin.

Comments for Vedomosti about the fall in value of cryptocurrencies.

Comments for about the outlook for bitcoin.


An article for Forbes on oil refinery losses.

Comments for Vedomosti about the Japanese experience in crypto-currency regulation.

Comments for about the potential for implementing a crypto-currency to pay transport operators' services.

Article for about new ways of raising debt capital using crypto-currencies.

Comments for RBC TV about the digitisation of the economy.

Comments for about the crypto-currency market.

Comments for Kommersant FM about cybercash risks.

Comments for about the bitcoin cash network.

Comments for Kommersant FM about crypto-currency use in Russia.

Comments for Kommersant about the main features of block chain technology.

Comments for Rossiiskaia gazeta about “bitcoin fever".

Comments for about rating agencies under ICO.

Article for Vedomosti about whether companies from the real sector of the economy should opt to raise money through ICOs.

Comments for Vedomosti about the relevance of blockchain.

Comments for Vedomosti about the cargo-carrying drone.

Comments for Vedomosti about the mistakes in combatting data theft in companies.

Comments for Vedomosti about the blockchain without cryptocurrency.

Comments for about innovations in the oil & gas industry.

Comments for Vedomosti about cryptocurrency regulation.

Comments for RBC TV about Russian software.

An interview for about bitcoin in Ukraine.

Comments for about the CBR's exclusive license on currency issuances.

Comments for Vedomosti about bitcoin rates.

An interview for about mining with the aid of website scripts.

Comments for Vedomosti about smart contacts.

Comments for about citizen identification.

Comments for Vedomosti about AI.

Comments for about investment bankers.

Comments for Vedomosti about blockchain technology for voting.

Comments for Vedomosti about the cost of bitcoin.

An interview for RBC TV about cryptocurrency legislation.

Comments for Kommersant FM about cryptocurrencies.

Comments for Vedomosti on “machine hearing".

Comments for Kommersant on factors affecting the bitcoin price.

Comments for Vedomosti on the cost of bitcoin transactions.

Comments for Vedomosti on search engines working with Big Data.

Comments for about oil field digitalisation.

Comments for Kommersant FM about business responses to the new cryptocurrency law.

Comments for about the value of bitcoin.

Areas of expertise

Advisory Analytics capabilities Data and Analytics Downstream Oil and Gas Retailing, Trading, and Marketing Energy and Natural Resources Forensic Forensic Technology Services Oil and Gas Oilfield Services Risk Consulting
Nikolai Legkodimov

Education and qualifications

  • Lomonosov Moscow State University


  • Improvement of professional skills in Gubkin RSU PTT and INSEAD

  • Professional certification: CFE, CISSP, PMP

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