Oksana Borisova

Partner, IT Advisory

KPMG in the CIS

Oksana joined KPMG in 2013. She has experience in information systems architecture development and implementation, as well as an in-depth understanding of technical and business aspects of using IT solutions to optimize processes in companies.

Oksana's extensive experience includes:

  • transformation of the IT function of a major oil company (top 3), including development of target processes and organizational structure, target model of centers of excellence, procurement target model and financial management processes in IT;
  • development of a sourcing strategy for a major oil holding company (top 3);
  • development of a digital strategy for a major oil company;
  • development of a service catalogue and processes of its management, as well as a tariff design;
  • development of an IT application architecture for the financial function of a large oil company;
  • analysis of the operating model and recommendations on improving the efficiency of the IT function of a bank (top 3), including independent analysis of the bank's cost effectiveness, development of recommendations and measures to align indicators with best practices;
  • development of recommendations on changing IT strategy/operational plans related to the IT function in order to align with best international practices.


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Education and qualifications
  • Tashkent State University, Applied Mathematics