One journey, thousand paths

Working at KPMG is pretty much like going on a long journey with unexpected discoveries, hairpin curves, and challenging objectives influencing the future of major companies. You are not going on this journey all alone — a team ready to help out will always be at hand. And you will always be able to choose your way and make a career following your own script.  

Audit, Tax or Advisory - choose your own KPMG team and build a tremendous career.
We will be glad to see you as a member of our team!

General requirements for the internship or work at KPMG:

Building your career is like going on a journey. We know that search for and selection of the career is quite exciting, but also thrilling and fascinating! We invite you to start your career with our team.
On this page you will learn more about the career at KPMG, recruitment stages and main requirements.
Join KPMG team - a team created for the development.

KPMG offers a transparent career progress. You will develop your skills together with other professionals and gain new experience at each stage.

New entrants can start their career at KPMG as interns (working 30 hours a week) or assistants/consultants (working full time).
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career way

Recruitment stages

1. Application

Choose vacancy and send your CV

3. Testing

Pass numerical, verbal and language tests

5. Manager interview

2. Phone interview

Our recruiter contacts with you

4. HR interview

Recruiter, assessment-center or videointerview

6. Offer


For more information about internships and vacancies contact us at     +7 495 937 44 77 or send your CV at