Profession: Tax Consultant

Profession: Tax Consultant

Learn more about tax consultant profession.

Learn more about tax consultant profession.


We're looking for globally-minded people who can act and think beyond traditional boundaries, and who appreciate the future challenges that tax legislation provide.

What is tax?

Attitudes, policies and issues regarding tax are constantly changing and tax has never been under so much scrutiny or at the center of so much debate. Increasing globalization and information-sharing means tax is now a hugely important international issue. The modern KPMG tax professional keeps on top of these challenges to show our clients how to meet compliance regulations.

KPMG supplies tax know-how to our clients: we advise businesses on how taxation fits into the broader business picture, and implement decisions that deliver real value. We gain an in-depth understanding of our clients' needs and then provide insights to help them optimize costs - things like where in the world they should base their business to ensure they take advantage of the best tax incentives, and how they should organize their internal structure and tax department - extremely important factors which can help determine cost effectiveness.  

What will I do in Tax?

There are two main functions in Tax services: tax advisory and tax compliance. Tax advisory frequently involves working in a multi-disciplinary team and meeting Finance Directors and Senior Managers on client visits. Tax compliance implies that you will take a more specialized approach to analyzing clients' business and tax profiles, looking for process improvements and collaborating with advisory colleagues. But both functions have common principles - starting with an in-depth understanding of the client and a detailed knowledge of the technical issues coupled with communicating complex technical information in a clear and understandable manner. A typical client relationship involves:  

  • Extensive preparation and research into the business and client issues.
  • Checking client tax returns for accuracy and identifying potential savings.
  • Helping clients by checking they have all the information required by tax authorities.
  • Organizing client files and preparing initial advice Consulting and communicating with clients' senior management and auditors.
  • Mastering and understanding the latest tax legislation and working practices.
  • Closely monitoring the client - tax authority relationship.
  • Data analysis and modeling to help clients understand the implications of different tax solutions.
  • Preparing and presenting pitch proposals, client reports and recommendations. 

You can choose one of the following groups:

  • International Corporate Taxation.
  • People Services and International Executive Tax.
  • Mergers&Acquisitions (M&A).
  • Tax Energy and Natural Resources.
  • Consumer Industrial Markets.
  • Financial Services.
  • Real Estate and Telecommunication. 

KPMG's tax professionals face a challenging environment as processes and legislation change frequently - you'll stay on top of developments to help provide the best possible tax advice for clients.