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Profession: Strategy Consultant

Profession: Strategy Consultant

Learn more about strategy consultant profession.

Learn more about strategy consultant profession.


Strategy group consultants help clients to solve all kinds of complex and pressing challenges. Their main objective is to increase business value, as well as to assist shareholders and executives in making key decisions.

Our team includes high-level professionals; we invest in the professional development of our consultants and create an open corporate culture. 

The KPMG Strategy group is a fast-growing practice with a client portfolio of major Russian and international clients. We offer good opportunities for career and professional growth, with an open corporate culture.


Alexey Nazarov

Partner, Strategy & Operations Group

The Strategy Group at KPMG is a complete strategic practice with a full range of services from strategy formation and entering new markets to developing systems to improve business efficiency and KPIs. Over the last few years, the group has increased several times over. As the number of employees has grown, so has their professional development and, consequently, the value of our advice to our clients.

We work with other KPMG departments very actively on complex projects and with KPMG colleagues around the world. Our projects involve business consultants, experts and technical specialists with highly specialized knowledge. The key asset in our group is, of course, its employees. We have been investing in developing our team members at all levels. We have a whole system of internal and external training courses. Within the team, there is quite a democratic environment in terms of decision-making. We listen to younger colleagues’ opinions and try to answer all of their questions that come up.

The requirements for candidates in the Strategy Group are quite serious. During the selection process for young specialists, we first look at their ability to organize information, solve complex problems on their own, and their desire to invest in themselves and grow. If you know that this describes you, I would be happy to see you as a part of my team.


Senior Manager, Head of Market Research

I joined KPMG Strategy Group in January 2012 as a Head of Research team, attracted by a unique opportunity to build and strengthen a research function here. Today we are a team of four professionals, providing various research and knowledge support to Strategy Group and also to other Advisory teams.

Quite a long time ago I found myself really enjoying research. In the university I majored in applied sociology and after graduation it took me 1,5 years in brand management to realize that I am set towards research, and then another year to grow this interest into a professional addiction. I have been focusing on Research for the last 8 years, including 4 years in The Boston Consulting Group and 1,5 years in TNS Market Research.

My Strategy colleagues helped me to grow from having a special interest in Financial Services markets, large excel databases and “hard-to-find” data requests to tackle – to strong multi-industry curiosity and quite a new level of management experience.

Becoming a part of Strategy Group at its current stage is an exciting, challenging and rewarding journey. Be ready to work hard, take on responsibilities, stretch your capabilities and discover the business world every single day.


Senior Manager, Strategy & Operations Group

Before coming to the Strategy Group at KPMG, I worked in the strategy department at one of the major Russian industrial companies and also at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. Now at KPMG I am a manager and specialize in developing strategies for large engineering and infrastructure companies. For complex projects, I am in charge of a team of 10-20 people. We analyze the market and company, develop different strategic directions, and assess and analyze them. After we decide on a key strategic option, we check it with financial modeling and form a plan to implement it. Most of the projects are multistage and within the team each person is responsible for their own area from methodology development to designing and conducting analyses. This allows employees in all positions to improve their professional skills: interns learn how to qualitatively perform business tasks while senior consultants answer completely for their part of the work. Career growth happens quickly and an employee’s responsibilities expand rapidly, which is important for them.

For me the most important thing is the positive changes that our work brings to customers. It also changes in your own perception of the world. You communicate with professionals at the highest levels, strive to improve, begin demanding more of yourself and others and change significantly for the better.


Manager, Strategy & Operations Group

I joined KPMG in March of 2013. Before that I received my master’s degree from Warwick Business School (UK) and worked in strategy management at a company in the chemical sector. At work I like dynamic, continuous development and projects in different sectors from industry to consumer markets, from financial institutions to the insurance sector and infrastructure. I think that it’s very important when a recommendation from your project comes to life and has a direct impact on the organization.

It’s also wonderful that you can constantly learn and that the group supports you in this. We have ongoing internal training programs. In addition sometimes representatives of leading business schools come and give lectures on strategic management and how to develop the technical skills required to create a strategy. The entire team is invited to these seminars.

We also learn a lot from one another on joint projects. My colleagues are all from very different industries and we constantly build on each others’ experience. 


Associate, Strategy & Operations Group

I joined KPMG in October of 2013 after I received a master’s degree in business administration in England (University of Bath). Strategy is interesting for me because it allows me to look at a problem from different angles and to see and appreciate all the processes in a company and industry. On projects, responsibilities are constantly increasing and staff development depends solely on demonstrated ability.

The most important thing for me in a career is an opportunity to learn and have a clear plan for several years. At KPMG I know what criteria are used to evaluate me and what the next stage of development will be. Always have a mentor that you can contact for advice and recommendations for career growth. It really motivates you when you know the rules of the game.


Executive, Strategy & Operations Group

I joined the Strategy Group at KPMG in February 2014 after getting a master’s in finance and economics from Glasgow University. My previous experience includes analyzing information in a large government organization.

What does working in KPMG Strategy mean to me? It is a constant intellectual challenge, a test for your own strengths and capabilities. It is teamwork, solidarity, helping one another, diverse opinions, and united principles. It is ambition, for both the whole group and my personal responsibilities, and a clear understanding of how and in what directions we are developing.My path to the strategy group took me quite a long time. Several stages of team selection require careful preparation from sending in a resume and solving practice cases to regularly reading the business press to keep abreast of the latest news. Incidentally, once I became a member of the team I soon realized that I needed the knowledge and skills that I gained while preparing on a daily basis.

The KPMG Strategy team’s success is clearly connected with the personal success of each of us. Therefore, we pay special attention to training and industry expertise. During my first months of work, I went to Europe for a fairly long international training course where the leaders of different strategic consulting practices at KPMG shared their experience and talked about modern methodology, tools and analysis.


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