Profession: Strategy and Operations Consultant

Profession: Strategy and Operations Consultant

Learn more about strategy and operations consultant profession.

Learn more about strategy and operations consultant profession.


Strategy and Operations group consultants help clients to solve all kinds of complex and pressing challenges. Their main objective is to increase business value, as well as to assist shareholders and executives in making key decisions.

Our team includes high-level professionals; we invest in the professional development of our consultants and create an open corporate culture. 

The KPMG Strategy and Operations group is a fast-growing practice with a client portfolio of major Russian and international clients. We offer good opportunities for career and professional growth, with an open corporate culture.


Director, Strategy & Operations Group

Before coming to the Strategy Group at KPMG, I worked in the strategy department at one of the major Russian industrial companies and also at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. Now at KPMG I am a manager and specialize in developing strategies for large engineering and infrastructure companies. For complex projects, I am in charge of a team of 10-20 people. We analyze the market and company, develop different strategic directions, and assess and analyze them. After we decide on a key strategic option, we check it with financial modeling and form a plan to implement it. Most of the projects are multistage and within the team each person is responsible for their own area from methodology development to designing and conducting analyses. This allows employees in all positions to improve their professional skills: interns learn how to qualitatively perform business tasks while senior consultants answer completely for their part of the work. Career growth happens quickly and an employee’s responsibilities expand rapidly, which is important for them.

For me the most important thing is the positive changes that our work brings to customers. It also changes in your own perception of the world. You communicate with professionals at the highest levels, strive to improve, begin demanding more of yourself and others and change significantly for the better.


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