Svetlana Skripnik, Tax & Legal

Svetlana Skripnik, Tax & Legal

Partner, Moscow

Partner, Moscow


Why did you decide to start your career at KPMG?

To be honest, when I graduated from the institute I did not have a clear idea of where I was going to start my career. But I did know that if I was to develop successfully, my first employer would have to meet the following criteria: first of all, the company needed to be ready to invest in young professionals with no work experience.

Second, candidates needed to be given a range of opportunities upon hiring, and the hiring procedure needed to be performed on a fairly transparent, competitive basis.

Third, the company had to work in the line of business which I studied at the institute (even then I had limited my areas of interest to financial analysis, taxation and audit), and the work had to involve the use of a foreign language (since I realized that there was not much demand on the market for a professional who did not know a foreign language).

Finally, the company had to have a name and reputation on the market, as well as the experience, methodology and know-how necessary to mould a professional consultant faster than in the non-financial sector. So, gradually my choice narrowed to the Big Four companies. KPMG became my first choice when I heard that it had a special corporate culture that differentiated it in a good way from the other companies in the industry. That is how I ended up at KPMG.  

How has your professional career been going? What does your work involve?

I was hired at a starting position at KPMG, and five and a half years later I was made a Senior Manager. I guess you could say that I have done pretty well. I also successfully finished the ACCA training program during the first three years. I currently work in the Tax Department at KPMG, and head the Real Estate Advisory Group. Our clients include major Russian and foreign real estate and construction companies.

We work on a wide range of projects: in addition to tax consulting on various construction and other real estate issues, we are also involved in the structuring of real estate transactions, pre-sale tax reviews, development of holding, financial, operating and management structures for major construction corporations and funds, and structuring of projects on the creation of real estate assets (including the search for strategic investors, etc.). We also perform audits of construction holding companies.

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