Igor Korotetskiy, Advisory

Igor Korotetskiy, Advisory

Partner, Moscow

Partner, Moscow


How did you come to work at KPMG?

After graduating from school, I studied at the economic faculty of Moscow State University, where I completed Bachelor's and Master's degrees and also pursued postgraduate studies.  

I started working in my third year at university: my first job was at an international automotive company where I was assistant economist responsible for sales control and records. Shortly afterwards I moved to a company that performs research and consulting in the area of corporate governance. This was the moment when I realized that corporate governance was the career for me. Throughout my Master's program and post-graduate studies I concurrently studied and worked. In 2007 I joined KPMG. As I already had some work experience in corporate governance, I was immediately engaged as a third-year consultant.  

To date I still remember my impressions from the first work day at the firm: I was struck by the open space in the office – even the partner sitting in his room had the door wide open and employees would freely enter. 

How has your professional career been going? What does your work involve?

In advisory services and in particular in my corporate governance and sustainability group we work with a wide variety of engagements  – this concerns not only the clients, but also the actual assignments.

In one year you have a chance to work on 5-10 different engagements: one may be linked to reporting, another to the need to improve the interaction of a company and ratings agencies, a third to the disclosure of information on the London Stock Exchange, a fourth to improvements in corporate governance and the quality of management in the run-up to an IPO, and a fifth to sustainable development processes. Work at KPMG has definitely expanded my horizons. 

To successfully implement such diverse projects, continuous learning is essential. You should always know about the most recent changes. Furthermore if you want to become the market leader, you should be one step ahead of everyone else.

What has work at KPMG given you?

Work at KPMG offers me an opportunity to realize my potential. The firm has given me an opportunity to set more and more ambitious goals and achieve them. At the same time, however, you must always be prepared for new challenges as a professional.

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage my future colleagues to take note of the following: don't be afraid of taking on responsibility, be open to knowledge and the advice of more experienced colleagues and display a healthy level of perfectionism.