Ekaterina Chemova, Audit

Ekaterina Chemova, Audit

Senior Manager, Moscow

Senior Manager, Moscow


What influenced your choice of audit as your specialization?

In 2005 I graduated with honors from the Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation with a degree in Finance and Credit (specializing in Insurance). This had a big influence on my choice of profession going forward; after all right now I'm working in the Banking Group of the Audit Department. In addition, I’m currently doing a graduate degree at the Financial Academy in the department of economic theory.

How did you find out about employment at KPMG? Why did you choose our firm?

Many of my friends, some of them graduates of the Financial Academy, worked
at Big Four firms as early as their final years; however, it was only when I started working for KPMG that I was able to find out how right my friends’
opinion of the firm was.

In contrast to many major international companies, there’s an amazing atmosphere of mutual assistance and support at KPMG. Regardless of their positions, many of my colleagues are now my friends as well.

What were your duties at the start of your career? And what are you doing now?

At the start of my work, I reviewed specific client operations from the point
of view of RAS (Russian Accounting Standards) and IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), and was responsible for reviewing specific areas of the financial statements prepared by the client.

As a supervisor, the range of my responsibilities grew considerably: in addition to reviewing individual operations, I was also responsible for checking the work of my junior colleagues, for organizing their work on the project, and for interacting with the client; I was also fully involved in reviewing the preparation of clients’ financial statements. I also took an active part in KPMG's in-house
The position of manager certainly raises your status, but at the same time it
comes with additional duties and responsibilities. I’m now entrusted with the
management of projects for more than 10 clients, in other words the organization of the entire audit process. The role of project manager also includes maintaining good relations with clients, both through direct contacts with the companies for which I am the audit in-charge, as well as by taking part in training sessions and seminars organized for existing and potential KPMG clients.

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