2020 JSC KPMG Transparency report

We are pleased to present JSC KPMG’s 2020 Transparency Report.  

In our Transparency Report, we share with you how we are delivering on our fundamental promise of audit quality to serve the public interest, investors, audit committees and our stakeholders.

COVID-19 is pushing us to think differently about how we engage our people, companies we audit, and society. In the face of the pandemic, we had to urgently take tailormade measures to protect the well-being of our employees and organize relationships with our clients in a new way, while preserving the quality of our services at the highest possible level. In doing so, we relied on our Values.

Despite a challenging year, we have improved our rating as the best employer among the target audience and the most in-demand employer, as well as strengthening our competitive position in a number of service lines.

The 2020 Transparency Report illustrates our business priorities, achievements, ambitions, strategy and focus - all empowered by the relentless focus on quality.