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Phoenix project

Phoenix project

This project supports the work of the professionals providing care, seeking to reduce the risk of burnout.

KPMG conducts regular professional support group for helping professionals.

The main objective of this project is the creation of a source of help for those who work with disabled, orphaned and seriously ill children and their families on a daily basis. As well as having to deal with huge responsibility, they often have to cope with serious emotional pain and extreme stress. In such circumstances, the support of colleagues, friends and family may not be enough. At the group's meetings, these dedicated individuals, working in the caring professions, discuss the hardest situations they have come across in their work with clients, as well as within their organisations and in their dealings with third parties.

The group brings together professionals from staterun organisations and NGOs. By sharing their experiences and feelings, they help one another to look at situations from different perspectives, to find the resources available for them in their community and not just at work, to expand their circle of support and social contacts, and to develop greater flexibility and to feel more protected and sheltered themselves. KPMG organises the group's meetings, provides a venue and pays for all of the costs from having a leading professional run and lead these treasured times of refreshment.

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