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Big Change Foundation

Big Change Foundation

This project is helping former orphanage residents to achieve their potential and is encouraging a culture of long-term corpo-rate volunteering

The charity was established to help the residents and former residents of orphanages.

Big Change is one of the key corporate social responsibility partners of KPMG. The charity was established by a group of professional teachers in 2002 to help the residents and former residents of orphanages, who were deprived as children of family care and the chance to get an education, to achieve their potential and make their dreams in life come true.

Big Change Foundation

Big Change is one of Russia's most effective projects helping former orphanage residents to adapt to ordinary life. The foundation helps young people to address issues of personal identity, learn the skills they need to lead an independent life, get an education, find a job, and broaden their interests. KPMG funds educational programmes, provides administrative support and is also implementing a long-term project under which KPMG volunteers regularly take part in Big Change programmes.

The cooperation includes several options of the participation in the life of students of the Big Change educational center: assistance in learning a foreign language, joint tours and introduction into classical music, as well as social adaptation and development of people skills. The latter is of great demand for the Big Change students, as they grew up in closed institutions and in many cases have no idea how to handle a conflict with dignity, ask for help or talk about their interests. In each relationship case study they master the art of positive communication, public speech, proving their point of view and attentive listening which are the skills important for everyone.

Irina Ryazanova Executive Director at The Big Change Charity Foundation

"KPMG has been supporting the Big Change Charity for more than 4 years, not only financing education for children brought up in children's homes but also engaging actively in the Charity’s projects and events.

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