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Volunteering in Volunteers for Orphans foundation, Association of the Blessed, Giving Hope Foundation

Volunteering in foundations

KPMG employees regularly visit Volunteers for Orphans foundation, Association of the Blessed, Giving Hope Foundation

Employees regularly visit Volunteers for Orphans, Association of the Blessed, Giving Hope

Волонтёрство в фонде "Волонтёры в помощь сиротам"

The projects implemented in collaboration with the Volunteers for Orphans foundation include the organization of joint charity fairs. The volunteers also make handicraft goods for the fairs in tailor's workshops. KPMG employees take active part in a creative process of making handicraft giraffes, dolls and teddy bears, while the foundations can sell the toys made with love and use the collected money to support vulnerable children and their families.

Артель блаженных

Each year our volunteers visit a carpentry shop of the Association to help its special masters – people with special needs and cerebral palsy – to make various souvenirs for different fairs. This is what the masters of the Association do for a living, and each year KPMG employees visit the small workshop where you never know if you will have to make felt toy goats, saw 3D Christmas-tree decorations or paint some other unusual semi-finished goods.


KPMG employees regularly visit Give Hope pet shelters to walk the animals, provide necessary treatment and care, bring food and relax. It is also a great opportunity to find a family pet. But even if you cannot allow that, Jessie, a husky suffering from epilepsy is always eager to run free which helps reduce the seizures, and other dogs are happy to have their backs and ears scratched, as the workers of the shelters cannot pay special attention to each cat or dog.