Valday Project

Valday Project

A project aimed at allowing families with special-needs children to enjoy a comfortable holiday.

The Valday project allows to provide families with special-needs children with holidays.

Summer volunteer project near lake Valdai

The summer camp for special needs children, run by the Center for Curative Pedagogics (CCP) near lake Valdai, is a unique site where special needs children, along with their healthy brothers and sisters, can learn, make new friends and gain the skills to live more independent lives. Each year, more than 500 children holiday there. In Russia, there are practically no holiday camps cater-ing for special needs children, despite family holidays being an irreplaceable part of any child's life. KPMG has become partner to this project, helping to create a comfortable environment for the children and their parents to holiday in.

Every year, our volunteers work behind the scenes, enabling hundreds of families to enjoy a relaxing holiday at the camp. Thanks to the work done by KPMG volunteers, the camp has gained a new protective fence, two modern and professionally-equipped kitchens, and several fun playrooms. As well as helping to achieve all this, our KPMG volunteers have benefitted from working with a professional NGO and from gaining the chance of getting to know their colleagues better outside of the office, as well as spending time in one of the most beautiful parts of the country.

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