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People, not Things

People not Things

People not things is a long-term social investment in the development of professional services for special needs children.

People not things project supports professional services for special needs children.

A project enabling long-term social investment in the development of professional services for special needs children and those from disadvantaged backgrounds, and for their families.

People, not Things

This project was launched in November 2012, replacing our traditional New Year collection of presents for those in children's homes.

Its main objective is the development of professional care services for disadvantaged children and their families.

In the developed world, the level of access disadvantaged groups enjoy to these services is often an indicator of a country's level of civilisation. The work done by charities and NGOs providing these services allows children to continue living with their families, helps to improve their development, and gives them the chance to achieve more now and in the future. For those look-ing after them, this support makes it possible to cope with the difficulties of life and to be better parents.

In our project, People, not Things, we work with the following NGOs: the Center for Curative Pedagogics (CCP), the Volunteers Helping Orphans Charitable Foundation (, DetskieDomiki Charity Foundation, Nizhny Novgorod NGO Detskiy Proect and Kazan NGO Otchiy Dom with the support of the Prime Star café network and the Detsky Mir chain of children's stores. The project has been in action for 4 years now and through this time more than 960 KPMG employees have taken part, paying for 2237 services provided by the NGOs for specific children and their families. Our KPMG volunteers have already said that they would like the project to become a long-term programme.