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What are our values?

Integrity: We do what is right.

Excellence: We never stop learning and improving.

Courage: We think and act boldly.

Together: We respect each other and draw strength from our differences.

For better: We do what matters.

Integritet: Postupamo ispravno.

Izuzetnost: Nikada ne prestajemo da učimo i usavršavamo se.

Hrabrost: Mislimo smelo i postupamo odlučno.

Zajedno: Poštujemo jedni druge, a naše razlike nas čine snažnijim.

Za napredak: Radimo ono što je istinski važno.

Why are our values important?

At a time of huge change, challenge and opportunity, our Values guide our behaviour. They inform how we act, the decisions we make and how we work with each other, our clients, the entities we audit and our communities.

Our Values are the foundation of everything we do and every action we take. They are embedded in the Code of Conduct, to which all our people sign-up.