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The M&A landscape in Romania 2021

The M&A landscape in Romania 2021

KPMG is a leading local M&A advisor in Romania, advising corporations, financial investors and business owners. In an effort to gain further insights into appetite for M&A and trends, we surveyed relevant stakeholders for the second edition of our publication The M&A Landscape in Romania in 2021.

Nevertheless, we expect to see growth in the M&A market for the following reasons. First, as mentioned by the majority of respondents, postponed deals are expected to pick-up and finally materialize in 2021. Second, the availability of many distressed businesses, but also
champions, together with the high level of liquidity present in the market, will generate new leads. And third, the optimism generated by news of imminent vaccination programs will positively contribute to M&A activity.

Our survey aims to provide incisive views and valuable insights into market behaviors and expectations for the months ahead. These will help companies to anticipate future M&A opportunities and to make the most of them.


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