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Success in the New Era of the Workplace

Success in the New Era of the Workplace

The Five-Lands Model is a roadmap of the journey that each leader and employee should go through in order to acquire the most important skills necessary for success in the new era of the workplace, maintain their relevance to the organization and develop a personal winning value proposition.

Mădălina Racovițan

Tax Partner, Taxation Services, Head of People Services

KPMG in Romania


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Over the last decade, the organizational world has undergone profound changes. It still keeps on changing at a dizzying speed, and we all need to operate in a new reality where change has become the new normal. Organizations must respond to uncertainty, complexity and diversity with a new mindset, business models, and new processes. Most of the organizational processes which we have used in the past are no longer suitable for the future or even the present. We should realize that the rules of the game have changed and what previously led organizations, leaders, and employees to success will no longer help them.

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