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Business English / Writing skills training

The course is aimed at speakers who already have a good working knowledge of English, but would like to speak more accurately

21 March 2019, 7:30AM - 2:00PM, EET Bucharest, Romania

The course is aimed at native Romanian speakers who already have a good working knowledge of English, but who would like to speak more accurately and write more effectively on business related topics. It will comprise group discussion with oral exercises as well as written work, carried out in small groups, which is later discussed within the class as a whole.

The course will include:

  • A review of some common errors made by native Romanian speakers. 
  • Some guidelines on emails and other written communications.
  • Email writing exercise – contacting a potential new client.
  • Further oral/written exercises covering writing and style depending on time.

Business English: Profile, MARK PERCIVAL

Mark is from the UK, is an expert on Romanian history, and has a doctorate from London University (specialisation in British-Romanian relations) obtained in 1997. He is a fluent Romanian speaker and has been fascinated by Romanian history and culture since first visiting the country in 1988. He has lived in Bucharest since 2002 and has been a dual UK-Romanian citizen since 2017.

Mark has travelled widely throughout Romania and has detailed knowledge of the country’s different regions, their history and their culture.

At KPMG, Mark teaches business English, using his knowledge of the Romanian language and culture to focus his courses specifically on native Romanian speakers, addressing language issues and different cultural approaches to business writing in Romania compared with the English speaking world.

Business English: Profile, ANA MARIA DAVID

Ana graduated in Modern Languages and is fluent in English as well as several other languages. She has been with KPMG since 2008 in Tax Department. Ana uses English daily in her work, interacting with clients and colleagues orally and in writing on complex topics relating to Romanian and international tax.

Ana has an excellent understanding of English grammar, vocabulary and style and complements Mark Percival’s native speaker skills by explaining technical issues in detail.


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