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Find out about the services we offer clients and where your skills may be best suited.

Find out about the services we offer clients and where your skills may be best suited.

Write your story at KPMG

You have the opportunity to start writing your story and embrace a growth mindset at the most popular Big4 firm to work for!

Check out where you can find our name:

  • The 2017 Most Desired Employers Survey, powered by Catalyst.
  • The Best Companies to Work for list, issued by
  • The Coolest Consultancy Firm in Romania – Forbes Coolest Brands, published by Forbes Romania.

We think that one of the secrets of our popularity is that we constantly seek to design a matching environment for your career expectations. You will be offered amazing professional challenges, a varied career with the chance to work with clients from a wide range of industries and develop numerous skills, the opportunity to use the latest technology to serve clients’ needs, supportive and friendly colleagues and remarkable career development opportunities. This is how we describe working for one of the most attractive employers.

If you decide to join us, we will do our best to make your success our priority and inspire you to become your best self!

A story you live 

Do you want a great job and an even greater out-of-the box experience? There are two challenges for you (view the contest rules here):

  • Interview of a lifetime. Even if you feel like you are not ready, just remember that great people do things before they’re ready. So we invite you to meet great people with great stories and discover what purpose, values, strategy and vision look like in action. For more details click here.
  • A trip to the US. If you get the interview, an even greater experience will follow. You will take off to the US for a research and entertainment trip to discover what does the future of work looks like. View all the steps here.


At KPMG we champion a vision of ‘Clear Choice’ – with people who are extraordinary, with clients who see a difference in us and with trust from the public. We place significant emphasis on our employees and their welfare with a focus on their career development through a wide range of professional & personal development programs.

Being part of KPMG means the chance to work with many supportive and talented people, who are willing to share their experience & expertise with you. We also put technology at the heart of our daily activities by exploring new innovative approaches and encouraging our people to be groundbreaking in their thinking.

When it comes to our employees’ wellbeing, the future looks bright and flexible. We have developed many flexible working arrangements that meet our employees’ needs: half day Friday, working from home or a flexible schedule.

KPMG Programs for students & grads

We are always on the lookout to recruit promising new joiners, especially students and graduates.

We offer many possibilities to join the firm whether you have professional experience or no experience at all.

If you are interested in exploring a new career opportunity in KPMG, now is the time to get in touch with us.

Please send us your CV in English or Romanian to mycareer@kpmg,ro or check in with our Career Page:

Suitable applicants will be invited for tests and interviews.

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