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Our people

Our people

KPMG is the perfect place to build a career.

KPMG is the perfect place to build a career.


Life in KPMG often felt like a roller coaster powered by people. At the very bottom of the hill there was always someone to give me energy and boost me back on track, while at the top of the hill they would all cheer and shout “we are proud of you, keep going straight”. And whenever I looked next to me inside the small train, there was always someone nodding “you are doing just fine”. Apart from a great career, KPMG gave me something to be always grateful for. People. My team. A place where we all belong. - Catalina Traila

I joined KPMG before finishing my bachelor studies and, 5 years later, I am still here. Working, growing and seizing every opportunity that occurs. We work not only for business purposes, but also for people. KPMG's culture teaches us to have an impact in everything we do and to continue to spread our passion and values. When it comes to the people I work with - we are the perfect definition of “a match made in Heaven” and I am thankful for having the chance to have by my side the best colleagues I could have asked for. – Simona Dulgheru

Working at KPMG is both a challenge and a great opportunity. It is not just an organization with top level professionals who are continually evolving, but an ecosystem that allows you to reinvent yourself. It gave me the opportunity to experiment, fail, learn and repeat. – Tiberiu Faliboga

KPMG is the perfect place to build a career. There is no dull routine or blockage to development. You can accumulate both technical knowledge and soft skills that will help you in any situation. It's great to feel that you develop as the days go by, not just as a professional, but as a human being. – Alexandra Iosef

KPMG is an amazing place for a fresh start to your career. Here you will find challenges and opportunities as well as understanding and empathy. You will find out if what you have learned is really what you want to do, and you will never regret having chosen to take the first steps here. - Bogdan Borleanu


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