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Regulatory Risk

Regulatory Risk

Anticipate and manage regulatory risk and your interactions with regulators.

Anticipate and manage regulatory risk and your interactions with regulators.

Regulation, and the impact of regulation, is front page news. 

In the post-financial crisis environment, the regulatory landscape is inherently more complex, with supervision and enforcement more confrontational, intensive and intrusive. Regulators are making judgements both about the robustness of regulated firms’ business models, and the suitability of the products they are selling. They will intervene promptly if they see or anticipate problems.

How organisations respond to and manage this will be crucial to their future success.

KPMG’s Regulatory Risk practice helps financial services clients to navigate the many touch points where regulation makes a significant impact on their businesses. We address all areas of a firm's activities and its interactions with regulators.

Our professionals provide strategic and technical regulatory and compliance solutions to help clients anticipate and manage regulatory risk. 

We help to strengthen enterprise-wide compliance programmes and implement effective governance and risk management frameworks.

Additionally, we enhance internal controls and help create a culture of risk management and compliance. Our professionals include former regulators, supervisors, examiners, IT-specialists and compliance practitioners. 

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