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Assisting clients in achieving the highest levels of business integrity through the prevention, detection, and investigation of fraud and misconduct.

Assisting clients in achieving the highest levels of business integrity

The prevention, detection, and investigation of fraud and misconduct

The risks of fraud and misconduct, intellectual property theft, asset stripping, misuse of funds and regulatory non-compliance have become as universal as contract disputes and the price of ignoring such risks can be severe. Most organisations can avoid such difficulties by calling on advisers who can help address specific concerns as well as broader strategic issues.

Our Forensic team at KPMG in the Channel Islands can assist you in addressing issues where facts, people or organisations disagree or when business-related behaviour fails to comply with legal, regulatory, or self-imposed standards.

KPMG in the Channel Islands has experienced senior professionals with in-depth knowledge of investigations and regulations.  We also work closely across our global network of in excess of 2,600 forensic professional with resources and capabilities across the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  The Channel Islands practice also forms part of an island network across Europe and the Caribbean who can mobilise rapidly and have inter island expertise and local insights.


How KPMG Forensic can help


  • Dispute Advisory - Do you need assistance with the financial and accounting aspects of a dispute? Have you suffered losses from business disruption as a result of another party’s actions?
  • Regulatory Compliance - Do you require compliance framework assistance? Do you require market risk assessment services? Have you a need for regulatory training?
  • Fraud and Misconduct Investigations - Are you worried that your organisation has been a victim of fraud, corruption, misconduct or other financial crime? Do you need to find out what has happened, recover lost assets, take action against the perpetrators and mitigate subsequent reputational damage or commercial loss?
  • Corporate Intelligence - Do you require asset tracing services internationally on individuals or corporate entities? Do you require background information on the reputation and integrity of current or prospective business associates? Do you really know who you are about to do business with? Is your organisation about to undertake a joint venture or acquisition?

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