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Certification Services

Certification Services

KPMG CI Certification is rendering certification services which will allow you to showcase your excellence in Information Security Management and/or Asset Management. Currently, KPMG Certification is issuing certificates for both Information Security Management Systems (ISO 27001) and Asset Management Systems (ISO 55001).

After meeting the necessary requirements, a KPMG certification will be granted which not only showcases your compliance with the relevant ISO requirements but also allows you a number of benefits, such as the use of KPMG Marks and Logos.  All certifications are continuously reviewed to ensure all requirements are met and will be renewed in case of expiration when compliance is guaranteed. Our team maintains a register of all current certifications, which can be verified by contacting us.

KPMG also offers you the possibility for combining ISO 27001 certification with IT Attestation, including SOC2 reporting, Cybersecurity and GDPR Attestation. The integration of the ISO 27001 certification with SOC2 reporting, Cybersecurity and GDPR Attestation allows us to perform the audit in a more efficient manner (“multi-purpose testing”) and enables us to pass on these cost savings and reduction in number of audit days to you, in addition this can significantly reduce the burden on you internal resources.

If you have one or multiple management systems that are certified by another (non KPMG) body and are in need of internal audit resources, our team can help you with its broad range of skilled auditors with expertise in the area of both information security and asset management.

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