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Psychometric Testing

Psychometric Testing

You are going to be asked to complete two psychometric tests (one numerical and one verbal) as part of your application for a trainee position with KPMG.

The tests and instructions will be emailed to you by a company called Saville Consulting (check your spam if they don’t arrive as expected). While it is possible to exit and re-enter the tests at any point we would recommend allocating a set timeframe in your diary so you are able to fully focus on them.

A preparation guide for the verbal test can be found here and a preparation guide for the numerical test can be found here. Take the time to read through the guides so you feel comfortable with the content before completing the tests.

You can access practice tests here and we highly recommend that you complete these before beginning your assessments. You need to look at the numerical and verbal practices under ‘Analysis Aptitude Range Practice Tests’.

The practice tests or actual assessments cannot be completed on mobile devices.

The test results are automatically shared with our PPC team upon completion and they will contact you about your application.