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Cyber Trends Index

Cyber Trends Index

One quick look at the Cyber Trends Index gives you a real-time overview of buzzing news, threats and incidents from around the world.


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The KPMG Cyber Trends Index

What’s going on in information security

Cyber Security is a fast-moving topic and staying up to date can be difficult. A few months ago KPMG has launched the KPMG Cyber Trends Index. Recently, several new functions have been added, including:

- A comprehensive trend timeline that allows you to see historic development of trends, threats and incidents over time.

- An intuitive sunburst graph shows the most recent news on a specific threat or trend in your selected industry.

- An overview of the latest news in cyber security, keeping you up to date on the latest information security developments.

The KPMG Cyber Trends Index can tailor the real-time information security trends and threats to your industry. With one look you can see the impact of specific events on trends and threats (such as hacktivism or phishing), based on over 2 million online news sources.

With a daily look at the Cyber Trends Index you know what’s going on in the information security world and in your industry. A mobile app on the same matter will be launched soon, so stay tuned for a follow-up announcement! Please let me know if you would like to discuss the interesting topic of information security together.


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