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Your one stop risk update

18 April 2018 - 19 April 2018, 8:00AM - 9:45AM, GMT Jersey, Jersey

Unlike other seminars, these events focus on three different topics, presented individually in three of our client boardrooms.

How does it work?

Participants are divided into groups and rotate through each of the three sessions - presented by a range of subject matter experts. The presenters will each give an overview of their chosen topic during a 15 minute presentation, with an additional fiveminutes allocated for Q&A. The aim? To provide a rapid overview of the chosen risk-based topics and stimulate debate amongst participants.

EU work on non-cooperative jurisdictions - Tony Mancini, Tax partner

(The 3 criteria, initial output from Code Group, Annexe II, risks, actions over next ten months)

Disruptive Technologies - Chris Thoume, Senior Manager, Advisory

(Preparation for disruption, emerging technology radar, finding  balance, cost and quality, customer experience, local context, challenges, people, enabling technology solutions for risk professionals, all for one customer, MI dashboard, KPMG's KYC Proposition, KPMG ID Register, KPMG Intelligent Diligence, KPMG Astrus)

Monitoring the cyber risk - Matej Jurkic, Manager, Digital

(Prevent the breach, defend the perimetre, defense in depth, it's a new world, assume the breach, KPMG Digital Fotprint Service, digital footprint, where do we look for information, our service model, user cases)


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The chosen risk-based topics

- Disruptive technologies

- EU work on non-cooperative jurisdictions

- Monitoring cyber risk


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