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Tax Breakfast Seminar

Paradise Lost?

30 November 2017, 8:00AM - 10:00AM, GMT Jersey, Jersey

The offshore world is once more in the spotlight following a number of stories appearing in a week long exposé of how politicians, multi-nationals, celebrities and high net worth individuals use offshore and, at times, complex structures to arrange their financial affairs, based on a number of confidential documents now in the public domain.  

Jersey has not been immune from the stories. The last similar event contributed to the Crown Dependencies and the Overseas Territories agreeing to the creation of central registers of beneficial owners of companies incorporated in those jurisdictions, and the ability of the UK officials to access that data, on request, within a few hours for urgent matters - something that would have been unheard of in many jurisdictions a few years ago. The question we all need to consider now is what further measures, if any, will be levied on the offshore world.

During this seminar, we explored this question and also addressed the Chief Minister’s statement that Jersey does not want any abusive tax schemes operating here.



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  • What is the likelihood that Jersey will be blacklisted by the EU and what would the outcome be if we were?
  • What lessons have we learnt following the first reporting of CRS?
  • Should businesses be concerned about the UK Corporate Criminal Offence?
  • Following HMRC’s victory on management and control of a Jersey company, does this spell the beginning of residence attack on offshore companies?
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