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Ben honeywood director in the audit practice of kpmg in the channel islands

Ben Honeywood

Audit Director, Private Equity Group

KPMG Channel Islands Limited

Ben has over 14 years of experience working in the big 4 and has worked for KPMG since 2006. Following a three year period in KPMG's Private Equity Group in London, Ben has been working within the PE sector for the past seven years, delivering cross location engagements with London based managers and Channel Islands based funds. Ben currently works exclusively with PE clients, offering audit and wider assurance services to major global houses offering a range of assurance services, including controls, valuation, track record and carry reporting. Ben also works with various mid-market and high growth clients who are growing their capital base. Ben is heavily involved in PE industry bodies and regularly presents at seminars and events for Invest Europe and BVCA on PE valuations and market issues.

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