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Meet our work placement students

Meet our work placement students

Learn more about life at KPMG from those in the know.

Learn more about life at KPMG.

Sophie Meader

This week's work experience students tells us more about her week in the office...

What does a day in the office involve?

For me, a day in the office involves working on auditing company financial statements, inputting data and referencing. I’ve been learning about the different thresholds and how to test discrepancies between the company data and the financial statements.

Which services have you been working in?

I’ve been working the whole week in the Audit Department, mostly on a Guernsey based company subsidiary, but also on creating a Carrying Interest database.

What have enjoyed most about your experience on a whole?

I’ve really enjoyed my work experience week here at KPMG in the Channel Islands. I applied because it's my dream to work in finance when I graduate from university next year and I wanted to get an insight into what the working world is really like. The office is a fantastic environment to work in, everyone is incredibly friendly and are more than happy to answer any questions I have.

And finally, the work that has interested you the most...

The work I have most enjoyed is reviewing financial statements and comparing it to the work book I created. It’s always interesting when you find a discrepancy and have to hunt through all of the client data to break it down and find out where the money came from!

James Sinel

James, another of our budding work experience students, tells us more about his time at KPMG in the Channel Islands...

What does a day in the office involve?

A day in the office varies, during my first week I was out at a clients almost everyday for the majority of the day while in my second week, I was based solely in the office. Whether it was at a clients or within the office I was always kept busy completing a range of different tasks and learning new things from colleagues, which I thought I wouldn't have had an insight to.

Which services have you been working in?

Over both weeks I was based within the audit department and have developed an understanding of accounting terminology and also, how to approach the completion of an audit.  

What have you enjoyed most about your experience on a whole?

I don't think there was anything which I didn't enjoy over the time I was at KPMG, not one of the tasks that I was given became tedious and all allowed me an insight into accounting in general. The thing I enjoyed the most was working with a diverse group of people all at different stages in their careers, as this allowed me to view the progressions I could potentially see myself making in the future.   

The work that has interested you the most...

Over my two week placement the work that interested me the most was working at the offices of clients, seeing the contrasting working environments and the ways in which KPMG audited the different entities.

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