Women in family businesses are shifting traditional mindsets. In industries that were once considered “no place for a woman”, women are stepping up to the challenge and taking on the leadership of businesses ranging from heavy manufacturing to advanced technologies. At KPMG Private Enterprise, we have recognized their achievements by sharing their experiences and ‘lessons learned’ and lending a voice to both their challenges and their successes.

We’re privileged to have the opportunity on International Women’s Day 2021 to share their stories, showcase the influence that women are having on their businesses and their families. Here we share the insights from some of the leading women in family businesses across the world and from the KPMG Private Enterprise family itself. We encourage women from all professions and walks of life to keep rising to the challenge. Most importantly, we welcome this opportunity to celebrate the success and influence of women in family businesses.



Voices of women in family business

KPMG Private Enterprise & the STEP Project Global Consortium recently published a series of articles that highlighted the impact of changing demographics on family businesses. In “The power of women in family business” article, we were fortunate to have the opportunity to take a close look at the changing role and influence that women are having in family businesses. We met with highly accomplished women from every part of the world, which allowed us to give voice to a wide variety of experiences, challenges and accomplishments.

Celebrating and learning from women who have risen to the challenge is the first of many important steps in making change happen.

We appreciate the amount of time and candor that these women invested in our discussions. We hope you will take a moment to read their remarkable stories and hear their voices. And don’t miss hearing a male perspective on these important issues in the recent podcast with KPMG Private Enterprise’s Daniel Trimarchi, “Understanding perspectives and redefining gender roles in the family business”, hosted by Orbis Terra Media CEO Ramia El Agamy, and accessible in our blog post “Stepping on the accelerator: A new leadership mindset is picking up speed for women in family business”.


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