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AI revolution in the spotlight at KPMG Lighthouse ‘AI Now Summit’

AI revolution in the spotlight at 'AI Now Summit'

Global gathering of business and thought leaders focused on AI’s fast-emerging opportunities.



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Artificial intelligence and its promise to dramatically transform how we work and live was in the spotlight during KPMG Lighthouse's inspiring and thought-provoking 'AI Now Summit' in Paris, France in October 2018. Business leaders, academics and more than 200 KPMG experts from around the globe gathered to explore AI's potential to unleash historic new opportunities for competitiveness and success.

“Artificial intelligence is now looking to make its breakthrough,” Dr. Thomas Erwin, Global Head of KPMG Lighthouse and Partner, KPMG in Germany, told the three day Paris gathering that included 80 organizations from 15 countries representing 12 global sectors. The summit - featuring 20 speakers from business and academia - generated many ideas, questions and timely observations concerning AI's rapidly emerging capacity to generate enhanced business insights, smarter decision making and advanced predictive functions.

“The next 10 or 20 years are going to do more than the last 200 years combined,” futurist and author Graeme Codrington predicted, as AI rewrites the rules for business success in every sector. And while AI is poised to fundamentally transform businesses by accelerating, automating and augmenting decisions that drive growth and profitability, AI is not about to replace humans in the workplace. The future is about machines and humans collaborating - rather than competing - to improve work processes as well as lifestyles. “Symbiosis between brains and the artificial intelligence ecosystem is the key for the future,” French scientist Joel de Rosnay, President of Biotics International, told the gathering.

As the KPMG Lighthouse summit made clear to all attending, the AI revolution has arrived. And for today's C-suite leaders, the question is no longer whether AI will fit into their business but how it will transform them into an AI-first enterprise.

For more insights and ideas from the AI Now Summit, view our video above.

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