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Risk Free Rates – Are you ready?

Risk Free Rates – Are you ready?

KPMG’s Evolving LIBOR report outlines the implications for firms and provides insight into scenario planning for a successful transition.

How will your firm fare in the transition to new global risk-free rates?

Firms must take action now to plan for this very significant structural shift. However, with so many of the details of the transition remaining uncertain, including timing and jurisdictional differences, firms will require a flexible cross-functional programme to adapt to changes in the global IBOR landscape, being driven ahead in the US, UK and Europe.

Firms that engage with planning at the earliest possible opportunity will secure crucial advantage in making the transition both effective and efficient. While the outlook is uncertain, it is now possible to move forward with careful scenario planning. In this paper, KPMG sets out some key considerations in developing a firm’s strategic plan.

To find out more, read the report: Evolving LIBOR: Planning the transition to new Risk Free Rates (PDF 5.80 MB).

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