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FS Regulatory Insights November 2017, magnifying glass

FS Regulatory Insights November 2017

FS Regulatory Insights November 2017

Recent developments in the battle for relocation of London-based European regulators have been hitting the headlines. Whilst Dublin had been in strong contention for the relocation of the European Banking Authority, in the end Paris won out and it is now home to both the European Banking Authority (EBA) and the European Securities and Markets Agency (ESMA). This is a real boost for the French capital, and a clear indicator that Brexit is becoming a reality.

Sticking with the EBA, we have articles on two of their latest papers: we break down the detailed methodology of the 2018 stress tests, and we analyse their final Guidelines on the supervision of significant branches, looking at the implications for firms of both.

in terms of the insurance market, the decision from the Financial Stability Board (FSB) that it would not be publishing a 2017 list of G-SIIs was not a surprise, but it does present challenges for the industry.
In our cross-sector articles, we digest the European Commission’s 2018 Work Programme and its plans for completing the ‘Better Regulation Agenda 2017’, and the FSB’s paper on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in financial services.

As ever there is a packed regulatory agenda as we edge towards 2018. We would like to hear your feedback, so please contact me or a member of the team whose details are below.

In this issue

  • EBA 2018 stress test
  • What does the future hold for G-SIIs? 
  • EU regulatory gaze turns to sustainable finance 
  • FSB on artificial intelligence 
  • European Commission sets out its regulatory stall 
  • EBA final guidelines on supervision of significant branches 
  • Statement of Commitment to Foreign Exchange Global Code of Conduct