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Recruitment and selection process

Recruitment and selection process

Find out about our recruitment and selection process, from the application phase to the final decision.

Find out about our recruitment and selection process.

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The success of any company primarily depends on having highly skilled professionals. KPMG’s recruitment policy is carefully planned and developed, aiming at recruiting highly capable, technically skilled professionals with the right ethical and work attitude.

All candidates are assessed according to the technical skills and knowledge required for the job they are applying for. We value other aspects as well, such as interpersonal skills, team work, leadership skills, critical thinking, and communication skills. 

These characteristics are evaluated throughout our recruitment and selection process, which consists of the following steps: 

  1. Receiving and analyzing applications
  2. Calling candidates for the selection process
  3. Selection tests:
    1. Numerical and Verbal Aptitude Tests: Provide information on numerical and verbal reasoning skills and time management
    2. English Language Test
    3. Personality Test: Helps to know the candidates’ profiles, their characteristics and interpersonal skills
  4. Group Dynamics: assessment of such factors as communication and reasoning skills, leadership spirit and team work
  5. Interviews: this step usually consists of two interviews
  6. Final Decision