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Graduates Programme 2020

Graduates Programme 2020

Find out about our recruitment and selection process and apply now.

Find out about our recruitment and selection process and apply now.

graduates programme

Through our Graduates Programme you will get to know the job market by integrating multidisciplinary teams, with different levels of seniority and always accompanied by the best professionals.

At the beginning of your career you will also be able to count on the constant monitoring of your Performance Manager – the person with whom you define the objectives you want to achieve and who will guide you through the different stages of your growth and evolution.

We have a well-defined plan and structure to receive you, designed to maximize your professional development and achieve your most ambitious goals.

You will be able to integrate different international projects, in different geographic regions, and to contact customers in very diverse, highly challenging and innovative sectors.

Stages of our Recruitment process


Apply through the Graduates Programme 2020 so that we can analyze your profile.

Online assessment

You will be invited to take a set of tests that will assess your verbal, numerical and logical aptitude and also a test to determine your English level.

Group dynamics and Motivational interview

Face-to-face contact with the HR team at KPMG offices, where you will solve a group business case and have a motivational interview.

Technical interview

At this stage your technical knowledge will be assessed through an interview with the business area where you will have the opportunity to present your value proposition.

Final interview

The last stage of the recruitment process involves an interview with a partner of the company, where you can learn about the strategic positioning of the area for which you are applying.

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