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Transfer pricing policy

Transfer pricing policy

Provision of comprehensive services with regard to transfer pricing policy and procedures.

Comprehensive support with regard to transfer pricing policy.

The appropriate transfer pricing policy helps to achieve the best possible settlement between related parties as well as maximize tax profits.

As part of provided services KPMG offers:

  • Planning and implementation of the transfer pricing policy, in order to achieve the best possible settlement between related parties, in accordance with the tax laws
  • Verification of current policy and procedures defining rules of intercompany settlements regarding the existing risks
  • Drawing up the settlement rules and principles (such as the calculation of the level of prices/margins) that meet specific economic goals
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts entered by related entities with a particular focus on transfer pricing rules
  • Identification of the transactions and allocation of profits between headquarters and affiliates
  • Analysis of types of risks related to transfer pricing, including in particular: identification, quantification and application of instruments for reduction or elimination of these risks.

Appropriate transfer pricing policy and procedures allow taxpayers to achieve consistency and transparency of terms and conditions under which transactions between related parties are concluded and consequently reduce the tax risk associated with a possible tax or fiscal audit.


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